How I keep cool and chemical free in the summer

As a kinesiologist working in the community, I am usually on the road, in and out of client homes, gyms and facilities. Eating/hydrating on the go can be challenging so I want to share how I make it work during the summer heat.


I avoid plastic whenever possible, but sometimes it is the better option. (My kids use the Thermos FUNtainer which has a plastic straw. We also use some plastic food storage containers for travel friendly durability.)  However, when the warm weather combines with plastic, its chemicals (one of them being BPA) leech into your food and drinks and it’s effects can be horrible to your health. I used to be a stainless steel girl (love my Kleen Kanteen despite all the paint chipping off) but sometimes it alters the taste of my drinks, especially if I leave it in the car during a session with a client. So now I use glass jars. It’s not as travel friendly but my water bottle is glass wrapped with silicone (Target, $12.99USD, $14.99CAD).


No taste and it’s designed to take a hit (occasionally!). During the summer months I take my 600ml water bottle and 2 x 500 or 750ml mason jars of liquid for hydration. The night before, I fill the mason jars 1/3 full with either iced herbal tea (hot tropic from David’s Tea is my current obsession) or lemon / cucumber water and freeze. In the morning I top off the rest of the jar with plain water and it stays cool for most of my workday.

If I’m not on the go, I may opt for hard plastic containers. But using glass eliminates the chemical factor while sitting in a warm car. Here’s my Hot Tropic Iced Tea waiting for me midway through my workday. 🙂


My meals are usually in a mason jar or a glass container with a plastic BPA-free lid (Costco, $17.79). IF I’m not treating myself to sushi ( ❤ !!),  I love leafy green salads in the summer with a variety of protein sources (usually hearty legumes, leftover chicken or soft boiled eggs) and a source of fat (avocado, EVOO, egg yolk, etc). I typically dress it with fresh squeezed lemon or tzatiki style greek yogurt dressing (my own creation, no set recipe). And of course, hot chilli flakes or some sriracha or Mexican hot sauce. I find if my meals are heavy, I get nostalgic and can’t perform my job as well. And my frozen drinks keep my salad cool til lunch!





Share with me your tips and tricks on how you keep cool in the summer heat in the comments below. 🙂


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