Hi. It’s been awhile…

{fitness} So, it’s been almost a year and a half since I last posted. Completely guilty for putting it off. My sole purpose for this blog was really to inspire others to choose health and live an active lifestyle. And while I, myself, have been actively pursuing that amidst the chaos of family and work life, I have failed to document it and share. I have been active on Instagram, Facebook and SnapChat so you can definitely see how I’ve been doing on the active front on those social outlets.


In a nutshell…..


MAY: I ran the BMO Half Marathon. Right after I ran my first half (Scotiabank Vancouver Half), it was my ultimate goal to run the BMO Half and I can finally say that I did it! It felt so good. I didn’t have a goal time, I simply ran when I felt like it, walked through the water stations, took photos, snapped, SMILED and really enjoyed the atmosphere because I knew that was my last half marathon I would run. A few months back, an X-ray revealed that my right heel was developing spurs. This was disappointing because it caused me pain whenever I ran or pretty much any physical activity involving the foot. But I realized that as much as I love the “months of training and crossing the finish line” feeling, it wasn’t worth the permanent damage and potential for chronic pain. There’s just so much I can also be doing or trying out. Following this race, I took a whole 6 months off just to allow it to heal.  It turns out, it worked because I’m back to running now! Shorter distances though.




MAY: Kids Triathlon. I registered both my girls in the Sun Rype KiDS TRi that year as well. It was one of the most well organized, fun, exciting events I have ever been to! Watching my girls go through each activity with such vigour and enthusiasm really made my heart melt. We also got to see a couple of close friends’ kids participate as well. To watch these six little newborns grow up to ‘big kids’ participating in a triathlon was truly an amazing experience and it made me tear up.


JULY: Totally missing running. I really gravitate towards the morning sun and for some reason, it just made me want to throw on my shoes and run. But letting my heel heal was more important. I’m pounding out those HIIT circuits like mad though. I’ve always loved lifting weights and feeling strong. Focusing on that reignited my love for it. I was also hiking the Coquitlam Crunch on the regular.

OCTOBER: This is running season to me. The cool, crisp air makes me wanna go. But I didn’t. Still lifting weights. Hiking up the Crunch was my way to get the ‘runner’s high’ without wearing down my heel.

And then January came along….


JANUARY: After 2.5 weeks of watching J boot it around the neighbourhood, training for the BMO Marathon, I wanted in. So one pretty, sunny afternoon, while the girls were at a birthday party at Science World, I put on my tech 1/2 zip and Nike Lunarglide 4s and went for a 4.5k run along the water. It felt so good!

FEBRUARY: I register for Sun Run and BMO 8k. J and I decided to run the Sun Run together, which will be exciting since we have not run any races side by side. Despite not doing any half marathons this year, I’m looking forward to improving my speed with these shorter distances. Plus, I get to run an entire race with J for the first time! 😊

MARCH: Today is March 1st and I am happy with where my training is. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with these short distance races!

Do you have any running goals this year?



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