Races Complete. How did I train?

Sun Run 10k time 1:06 (improved by 1 minute)
BMO Van Marathon 8k time 0:54 (improved by 2 minutes)

Considering how much time training for half marathons takes (toll on the mind and body), I thought training for short distances (10k, 8k) would be a CINCH. Boy, was I wrong….

Training on short distance races was just as challenging as longer distances. The time invested was less but frequency remained the same (3-4x/week). However, I found I spent less time on endurance runs (‘long runs’) and more time on speed training. The good thing is that I discovered I quite enjoy speed training!


Some of my speed drills looked like this:

Variation 1

200m at half marathon pace
200m at 10k pace
200m at 5k pace
200m at 10k pace
200m at 10k pace
Repeat 1-3x
30-60s rest between intervals

Variation 2

100m strides (start slow and build up top speed at midpoint and then slow down speed)
Repeat 8x
30-60s rest between intervals


I LOVED doing these so much because I felt like I was on fire! My legs felt good and doing these really improved my general running form. I’m certain these drills helped improve my speed on the BMO Van 8k. I’m pleased with my time but I am already aiming to improve these times further next year.

My Sun Run time wasn’t what I was hoping for even though it was an improvement. The weather was so hot and I was struggling to maintain focus. I gave in to the heat and walked and drank at every water station. This was the first race where Jin and I officially ran together. It was a really nice experience; he’s a wonderful, supportive ‘coach’. But I also felt like I had to reach my goal time so I didn’t disappoint him. It obviously did not matter to him but that was always in the back of my mind.

The BMO Van Marathon was more comfortable. Most of the route is in Stanley Park so the periodic shade was nice. I also felt less pressure since I wasn’t running with anyone I knew. I just ran and pushed myself just a bit more when the finish line was in sight. I felt good when I finished and that’s always top priority in my books.

I really have to say how immensely proud I am of Jin. He struggled through the marathon last year at 30k (still got a pretty amazing time) but this year, he trained hard, trained consistently and committed himself to reaching his goal time of under 4:29. And he did it!! I am so happy for him.


These runs were great fun and I am already looking forward to next year. Will I be seeing you at the finish?

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.14.38 PM

3 thoughts on “Races Complete. How did I train?

    1. Hi! And thank you for the well wishes. “This is why we run” is definitely a true statement. It’s so amazing what our mind and bodies are capable of. Thanks for reading!

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