ignited inspiration


It was my 34th birthday yesterday. My bestie, Steph, surprised me by flying in last minute from Toronto. I see her maybe 2x a year. Needless to say I was stoked.



We only had 3 days so we really had to pack it all in. ūüėĄ ¬†We always have a good time together and that typically includes a drink or plenty. We had few late nights and lots of catching up, good food, fine wine and cocktails. Steph¬†organized a lovely birthday dinner with a few of our good friends from high school¬†at Burdock and Co.¬†¬†Honestly though, I wasn’t planning on celebrating with friends, but I’m glad I did because being around great people¬†added something to this otherwise regular Friday.

It isn’t typical of me to go out late with friends since, as a parent, I’ve got endless¬†things¬†to do and early mornings but when I’m with her, my pre-parenthood life and motherhood responsibilities¬†meld so beautifully together. She loves my kids so much and my kids love her; she even offers to babysit when she’s¬†in town on her vacation!¬†Amazing or what?! She also always makes time for me even though she’s got tons of other friends and family who want to see her. She will always be a sister to me.¬†ūüíú

Another good friend of mine and I were discussing birthdays and how they make us feel inspired. What I learned from this weekend:

  • I’m as young as I believe I am and I’m as old as I believe I am.
  • Old friends will always be a sense of¬†comfort.
  • Make a conscious effort to stay in touch with special people…¬†especially when life pulls you¬†apart.
  • I value a good friendship.
  • Friends make me feel rejuvenated and my mental health needs that.
  • Friends make me a better parent.

I had such a great time these last few days and I have Steph to thank, Jin to rearrange his schedule so he could take over parenting, my good friend who hooked up my bestie with a deep discount on the flight (Thanks Sami! ūüíú) and my other good friends who made the effort to come out to celebrate with me.

I am especially looking forward to meeting up with our 3rd stooge¬†this summer in NYC (That’s you Zulay :))!

I am grateful for the people who have helped me realize some important things this weekend. On my 34th year, I am inspired to be happy, to love freely and to not be scared to train hard.

Do you feel a surge of inspiration on your special day?

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