Iced Tea Revamped



I can get bored of plain old water especially during the summer when my water intake increases. Although it’s currently pouring rain as I type this, one of my favourite ways to cool down and hydrate is to pour my usual hot tea over a tall glass of ice.

Giant ice cubes is the way to go to maintain the icy goodness.  Giant ice cube tray available here.


Organic Blueberry Jam Tea from David’s Tea

While conventional style iced teas (ie. Nestea) can be full of sugar and not-so-good-for-you ingredients, this isn’t like that at all. You control what you put in it: sweet vs. unsweetened, caffeinated vs. decaf, natural flavours vs. artificial flavouring. Whichever you choose, it is mighty refreshing and satisfying without all the hidden chemicals. I typically choose a herbal or non-caffeinated tea as I like sipping it all day long. Can you imagine running around with a caffeine buzz all day? I would love that. Lol. If I feel the need for caffeine, I will brew 1-2 cups on ice and then switch to iced herbal.

IMG_0473 (1)

When tea is iced, the usual amount you use for hot tea doesn’t produce as much intense flavour.  However, it also depends on the type of tea as some are stronger than others. It can be an art to pinpoint the right intensity for you. My rule of thumb is to double or triple the amount you would usually use for a hot brew.




What’s your favourite way to drink tea? Do you have a summer drink of choice?

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 4.14.38 PM





Double or triple the amount of tea for a hot brew
1/2 C freshly boiled water
Lots of ice
Sweetener* if desired: honey, maple syrup, stevia, agave, etc.
Additional flavourings, if desired: squeezes of orange, lime, lemon, vanilla extract, cinnamon, etc.

Steep your tea as usual in hot water (or as directed). After steeping, pour over your glass filled with ice and enjoy!

*I make my own liquid sweetener with honey. I warm 1 C water in a sauce pan and then dissolve 1 C honey, gently stirring. Pour into a mason jar and use as desired.


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