r e c i p e | Tangy Mango + Greens


Everything in a stemless wine glass just tastes classier, am I right? ☺

The smoothie I had last night after Core + Flow (and my usual go-to blend) is a little tangy, a tad sweet and a whole lot of nourishment.


Do you have a go-to blend? Comment below – I’d love to try it!






This makes two big ones – blend once, drink twice. (Because I’m all about making life easier👌🏼)

Two large handfuls of greens (spinach, kale)
One frozen banana
Juice of whole lemon and 1/4 of the rind+peel
Two scoops of powdered wheatgrass (optional – I use Amazing Grass Organic Wheatgrass)
1/4C hemp hearts (optional but great source of proteins and fats. You can also sub with a spoonful of nutbutter but the taste will be stronger)
3C frozen mango chunks

Blend in high powered blender and stick a straw in it. Enjoy. 🍋🌱🌿

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