r e c i p e | Almond Cream




What do you put in your tea or coffee? Cream, milk, nutmylk, coconut milk? There are so many options out there but my preference is to go with a dairy free  organic soy milk. It pairs so well with matcha! But when I’m craving something extra creamy. soy just doesn’t cut it, so I make almond cream! Almond cream is simply almond mylk but thicker, less water is used. It adds a rich, creaminess that regular nut mylks lack. And it’s amazingly easy to whip up and tastes great with matcha. My version is below.






1c almonds*, raw, soaked for at least 2 hours (optional)
1c water
Optional flavourings: dates, maple syrup, vanilla

1. Blend nuts and water (and flavourings if using) until smooth. Almond skin may be visible.
2. Strain with cheesecloth or nutmylk bag if desired.

*Soaked cashews can also be used in place of almonds, creating cashew cream. Cashew cream was used in my dairy free creamy garlic pasta recipe.


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