Movement | HIIT with your kid

Last week, I spontaneously decided to do a quick HIIT workout while K was at her piano lesson. Her lesson lasts 30 minutes, which gives me enough time to get in some sort of movement. Liv did not want to do it with me but she was excited to help me film it. It took a little longer than usual with the filming so when it was time for Liv to go in for her lesson, K stepped in for her. I asked K if she wanted to join me and she said, “YES!” So, we both ended up working out together. And loved it.

Another 30 minutes passed and Liv finished her lesson. Even though she initially declined to workout, she joined her sister, barefooted, and ran her little legs off.

Why Should I Exercise In Front Of My Kid?

Working out in front of your child shows them that your health is a priority to you. It shows them how to take care of their bodies and minds. It also normalizes it, showing them that movement is not an obstacle or chore. Equipping them with this mindset could create stronger minds and healthier adults.

How do you get active with your kids?





HIIT with your kid

Complete the routine 4 times through. Rest 1-5 mins between sets. Listen to your body and do what will make you feel best for you.

Sets: 4
AMRAP: 45s, as many reps as possible
Time: 30 minutes + rest time (it will take less time to complete if you are on your own)

1. Push ups

  • I did tricep push ups, elbows tucked into sides of body, close to ribs

2. Sprints

  • It can be any distance and any speed that will challenge you
  • The hill I ran on had a slight incline

3. 360* hops (inspired by Liv – she gives herself credit in the video, haha!)

  • opt for a softer surface if possible (eg. grass)

4. Walking lunges

  • weighted optional. I had K on my back.

6 thoughts on “Movement | HIIT with your kid

    1. Thanks Codi Lynn! It can be so fun to get the Littles involved! You might not be able to get through an entire workout in your first few times but they’ll eventually get used to it and the whole fam can get active together πŸ™‚ I’d love to hear how your fitness journey goes πŸ™‚


  1. Great idea to fit it in while the girls are at classes. I love that you got the kids to join you! I need to do this with the kids too.

    Liked by 1 person

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