Summer Sweat Series HIIT #3

HIIT #3 is HERE!

Now that summer has officially begun, do you workouts change? Do you modify your workouts to be outside? Does the time of day you are active also change?

During the summer months, I can’t be bothered with the gym (unless the temperature is through the roof and AC is a necessity!). Instead, I use my backyard as my workout space. I have designed a series of 4 weekly HIIT routines that you can take anywhere: backyard, patio, park, basement, etc.

As a mama, I spend more time outside than the rest of the year. There is also less time for workouts as the Littles are out of school and something is always planned. Usually, my workouts shorten in duration and even more efficient since the temperature is also hotter.


This summer, I am starting Outdoor HIIT Workout series which takes your workouts o u t s i d e ! For 4 weeks, a new HIIT workout will be released on the blog. This series is designed to:


1. Help jumpstart your fitness journey if you are a beginner.
2. Maintain your fitness level throughout your busy summer.
3. Introduce your body to strength building if you participate in primarilty endurance activities (run, walk, bike).
4. Help your body function optimally in your daily movements and activities.
Remember: check in daily on Instagram or Facebook for tips, recipes and support. Feel free to email me anytime you have questions. Let’s do this!
An extra special thanks to my Instagram husband for taking these photos. (My usual photographer was still eating her dinner.)


Outdoor Workout Series full body
Routine 3

This week’s routine will target your  whole body, upper, lower and core. Every single one of these exercises combines multiple muscle groups so you get the most out of your workout!

Complete the routine 3-4 times through. Rest 1-5 mins between sets. As always, engage a strong, stable core, neutral spine and shoulders are retracted and stable. Listen to your body and do what will make you feel best for you.

Sets: 4
AMRAP: 45s, as many reps as possible
Time: 30 minutes + rest time


1. Jumping Toe Taps
  • Alternate tapping toes on a step or stool, aiming for speed.
2. Lateral Jump
  • Place a low object on your R side and laterally  (sideways) jump over it.
  • Beginner: no object.

3. Jump Lunge
  • Start in lunge positon, L leg in front.
  • Jump up and switch legs so that R leg is in front. Repeat.
4. Mountain Climbers
  • Aim for speed.
  • Keep shoulders down and away from the ears, core strong.



5. Plank Jump to Squat
  • Start in plank.
  • Jump to wide squat.
  • Stand up. Repeat.
6. Shoulder Touches
  • Start in plank position.
  • Tap R shoulder with your left hand.
  • Alternate. Repeat.
7.  Single Leg Squat with Lateral Jump
  • Start in ski jump position, R leg off the ground, balancing on L foot.
  • Jump laterally to the R side, balancing on R foot.
  • Do a mini squat down on the R foot.
  • Jump laterally back to the L side, balance on L foot.
  • Do a mini squat on L foot. Repeat.


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