Summer Sweat Series HIIT #4

Last week of the Summer Sweat Series! I can’t believe week 4 is already here! I hope you enjoyed the workouts and daily tips and motivation. Reading your messages and comments about the series made me so happy and I hope to put together another series in the future.

One last note:
always have fun with your workouts, enjoy food and love your body.

Remember: check in daily on Instagram or Facebook for tips, recipes and support. Feel free to email me anytime you have questions. Let’s do this!




Outdoor Workout Series  cardio + lower body + core

This week’s workout focuses on a combination of cardio lower body and core. Complete the routine 4 times through. Rest 1-5 mins between sets. As always, engage a strong, stable core, neutral spine and shoulders are retracted and stable.This one will squeeze every last bit out of you, but you can do it 🙂 Listen to your body and do what will make you feel best for you.

Sets: 4
AMRAP: 45s, as many reps as possible
Finisher: Complete 20 burpees
Time: 30 minutes + rest time


Cardio + Legs + Glutes
1. Reverse lunge with jump
2. Lateral squat walk
  • Add a resistance band tied around the thighs to increase resistance
3. Ski jump + single leg squat
  • Jump and squat down as low as you can
4. Glute squeeze
  • Lift one leg up, pausing at the top with a glute squeeze
  • One side at a time
5. Lateral toe tap
  • Maintain contraction in the glute as you tap toes laterally (to the R+L side of your body)
  • One side at a time
6. Knee to elbow to downdog
  • One side at a time
7. Finisher: burpees
  • Complete 20 burpees after you have finished all of your rounds of exercises #1-6.




12 thoughts on “Summer Sweat Series HIIT #4

    1. It’s my first one using GIFs! I usually make a short video but I’m loving how convenient the GIFs are – some people just don’t have time to watch a video of the routine. I’m glad you liked them!


  1. Your my fitness inspo that’s for sure. I actually tried some of these out and it was pretty easy. Also I haven’t worked out in years so my body is hurting😂😂


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