The Conscious Family Organizer + Giveaway 

September is fast approaching and mamas know what that means: BACK-TO-SCHOOL


Where did the summer go? Have I registered for their extracurriculars? Do they have all their supplies? Do they need new clothes? Shoes? Is the fridge and pantry stocked with snacks? And lunch, oh, back to packing lunches. As I run around picking up everything they need for the year, I feel like a hot-mess-mom. Inside my head is like a 8,592 piece Lego sculpture that I just knocked over and I need to put it back together before the 3 year old wakes up from her nap.

Every September, I quietly promise myself that this will not happen next year. And of course, it does.

Why though?

When it comes to work and blogging, I’d say I stay on top of it all. Throw in two other people’s schedules in there, and that is a whole other story.


I implemented the Google Calendar for all of us a couple of years ago. It worked well for me. It allowed me to check our schedules on the go but for a pen and paper guy like J, he rarely used it. I would still get the occasional text: “what time is K’s soccer practice?”

We needed a better system.

I’m surprised we have survived this long.


I received The Conscious Family Organizer and all I could think was: YES! I have heard about the phenomenal features of their organizers and I am determined to stay on top of the back-to-school game this time. Lisa Delafontaine, mom of three, created this calendar and to this day, it is the anchor for their family’s daily lives.

Looking through it, the soft, pretty pastel colours gave me a calming effect. I was drawn to it immediately. Implementing it in our ‘family command centre’ was easy.

It was easy to use and it fit in very well with the existing command centre in the kitchen. I even love that the girls are intrigued by it.

Filling it in was easy!

Already, I can tell how this organizer will make all of our lives run smoother. It will allow me to be more organized, slow down and help my children be more independent with their lives. When life gets busy, it can very easily turn to chaos; this organizer will help power through that chaos with inspirational quotes from parenting expert and NY Times bestselling author, Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

One feature of this organizer that makes it unique from others is that it reminds me to reset, to be the parent I want to be and help my girls thrive – not just survive.

  • Size is large but isn’t too overpowering.
  • Boxes are spacious and lined! This makes writing in it much easier and also looks neater.
  • Weekly tips.
  • Not fussy, it is clean and easy to ready.
  • Saturday and Sundays are side by side.
  • Colours are neutral, making it easy to fit in with my decor.
  • Access to online support group.
  • “Coaching Corner” + reminders for self-care.
  • Parenting inspiration from a NY Times bestselling author, Dr. Shefali Tsabary.


Lisa, Louise and I are so excited about giving away an Organizer – head over to my Instagram to win one of your very own from The Conscious Family Organizer!

How do you manage and organize you and you family’s schedules?

Disclaimer: The Conscious Family Organizer was gifted to me but all opinions are my own. 

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