Shop And Shout for Influencers

Shop and shout is, “a social marketplace where you share shout-outs on social media – for products from local brands.” I got involved with them a few months back and it gave me a chance to try out different products and services at no cost! With them connecting me to other brands, it exposed me to things I never knew were important to me. I was able to also develop relationships and

If you are interested in testing products and services and building new relationships and exploring new things, be sure to check out their website:

It takes a few minutes to sign up and you will have access to their marketplace which is sure to peak all interests.

With every 5000 influencers who sign up, they provide a classroom overseas with supplies and student aid. And that is definitely something I want to help support.

After my blowout with Citrus Salon through Shop and Shout


Got to try eco friendly tooth brushes infused with charcoal.


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