Poetry | Calm! They Say

Calm! they say



the force bundles up and sprouts out vigorously

as if

the weed had been growing for a thousand years

as if

the one tiny hair that keeps coming back

as if

there was another mama

as if there was anything else to say


calm, they repeat

calm lives out in the distance

where the weed resides

but what happens if one day that stubborn hair doesn’t come back?

if for once a nag did not follow

all there is to say is calm

but I’m not

I want to scream

Is there anyone else who wants to join in?

let whatever

in the day that I was under the cold and hard cover

there was no one in there

but I couldn’t see

where the weed resides

even though it was right under me

all the pebbles and stones in the world

in the distance there sat calm

she wasn’t coming back

unveil it she says


and reveal the kick

inside you


tis bliss



Written: Sunday, March 2, 2003 at 2:10p

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