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I am a skincare junkie. Having grown up with acne, I tend to seek out the latest and greatest to combat my problematic skin. I thought I had finally found a happy balance with my skincare routine until 6 years ago. I read about all the awful things that are in conventional skincare (alcohol is in almost everything and it does nothing but accelerate aging and damage it! Read more here.).  I tried to ignore it but that tinge of guilt set in each time I applied it on my face. Then I started looking into other products that I use regularly, like deodorant. I was stunned by the correlation researchers claimed (see Web MD). I threw out my deodorant/antiperspirant after that. Even if the research was in conclusive, why take the risk? And this was my thought process as I gradually sought out safer, more effective alternatives.



I visited Port Moody Farmer’s Market years ago and came across a local business called Sola Skincare. Seeing their products packed in tins and opaque glass bottles had me instantly intrigued. I chatted with Christine who is one half of the couple who created Sola, and loved everything they represented. They make all their products in small batches and they do not test on animals. Her husband, Eran, practices Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. What I also love about them is that they are mindful of their environmental footprint in their business and in life. (Y’all know how much I hate waste!). They also give back to the community be taking part in organizations like Quest Food Exchange. They have also been recognized by several, including Canadian TV personality, The Marilyn Denis Show, bloggers and influencers, Naturalla BeautyThe Green Vanity and Cruelty Free First.

Here are a few of my favourite products:


COCONUT DEODORANT. As an active person, a kinesiologist and a lover of stinky foods, I wear deodorant most days. I know some people can but I am not one of them. Naturally, coconut deodorant is the very first product I tried and it is also their bestseller. It contains 5 ingredients, most of them organic, and it is free of aluminum! Exactly what I was looking for. The application part was different from the conventional deodorant stick – simply dip a clean finger into it and rub a pea-size amount evenly for each underarm. It only took a few tries to get used to but, oh man, is it ever effective. I had tried the salt-stick one previously and I had to reapply after almost every sweat session! One huge bonus: it doesn’t stain your clothes!


BALANCING FACE OIL + ROSE HYDROSOL. The next two products I tried were nothing short of awesome. I love oil on my face. Years of topical acne medications my skin has made it incredibly parched! The BFO felt instantly nourishing. I cannot use it everyday; 3x/week seems to work well for my skin. Christine recommended I combine the oil with the Rose Hydrosol for best application and she was right! I simply mix the two in my hands and press it into my skin. The Rose Hydrosol is also great for setting make-up and bringing out a bit of dewy sheen.


LIP BALM. I never leave home without a lip balm. This was another product I switched to a natural version of very early on. I love that Sola’s lipbalm is not greasy or shiny. My lips felt moisturized and it did not interfere with any lip color I put on top. My favourite is the unscented.


ALL BETTER BALM. Sola has a whole line of balms for every ailment you can think of: achy muscles, sunburn, rashes, dry skin and diaper rash are just a few. I tried out the All Better Balm on my beached out feet over the summer (hello, cracked heels!) and it felt so soothing. When Kate and Liv scraped their knees for the 96th time riding their bikes (or just tripping over their two left feet!), I applied just a dab and it pretty much works like magic.



I have teamed up with Sola Skincare to giveaway a $50 gift card to experience some of their luxurious products! Make sure to enter over on Instagram. Giveaway opens Tuesday, October 10th and ends October 13 noon. Winner picked at random.


What do you look for in skincare? Have you considered organic/natural products?






Disclaimer: I have been a regular user of Sola for about a year. Sola provided new products for me to try out.  As usual, all opinions are my own.

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