Recipe Hack | Turn Soup into a Balanced Meal

It’s finally SOUP season – also known as my favourite season!

I’ve mentioned how much I am in love with the stuff (even enjoying a steaming bowl on a summer hot day), but nothing beats soup when it’s cold outside.

I order my soups from The Soup Solution so that there is always something on hand for a quick meal. It was pouring rain yesterday so I had the Fresh Tomato Basil Soup for lunch. To make it a one bowl meal (who wants cold veggies on a rainy day? Not I.), I wilted some organic spinach right into the soup and ladled it over warm quinoa. SO good; in fact, I had it for dinner as well. ☺️ It only took a few minutes to put together so I didn’t have a chance to go hangry. (Nobody wants to see that, haha)

Here are my favourite ways to make any soup a well balanced meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (that’s hella easy too):

• Add a few handfuls of greens. I like using prewashed organic spinach and baby kale.
• Toss in leftover cooked veggies. I often have roasted zucchini and cauliflower on hand. These are fairly mild in flavour so it won’t alter the soup. One of my favourites is mushrooms! It adds so much texture and heartiness.
• Ladle over a starch. I like quinoa or steamed rice.
• Add some protein. My go-to are quinoa or chickpeas. I recently saw Gayle from @thesoupsolution add cooked lentils to her soup! Genius if you ask me!

〰 Do you incorporate add-ins in your soup too? What is your go-to food/meal in the cold weather?

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