We Tried It | 2017 Toyota Sienna

I never thought I’d be driving around in a minivan but when your 30 year old brother says it is ‘dope’, you give it a shot. I test drove the 2017 Toyota Sienna and here’s what happened:

Picking Up the Sienna

Upon entering Destination Toyota, J and I were promptly greeted by two receptionists. We were offered complimentary coffee and tea and relaxed in their comfortable lounge while we waited for the car to be pulled around.

Initial Thoughts

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about driving such a large car, but getting into the Sienna for the first time felt like getting into any other car. My apprehension disappeared instantly.

I love the colour! It wasn’t especially high, which is perfect for little kids and short adults (like me). J and I were both amazed by the spacious interior. We took a few minutes to settle into in each row. J liked chilling in the third row.

The drive was smooth and maneuvering was not an issue despite the size of the vehicle. The knobs for volume control were a huge plus as our current vehicle has a touch screen system, making it less functional. The dashboard was also easy to read.

After running some errands and grabbing lunch, it was time to pick up the girls from school. Immediately, they fell in love with the extra space they each had. The reclining second row was also a comfortable bonus!

Our Dope Favourites

First up are the extra roomy captain’s seats in the first and middle rows. We went on a night ride in jammies and the girls were so cozy cuddled up with a blanket (where they fell asleep very quickly!).

Our next favourite is the space in front of the centre console and just below the stereo system. I did not look into what this space was designed for but in my expert mom opinion, it is perfect for big mom bags and diaper bags. Drive through food would also sit very well here to avoid getting the passenger’s seat greasy.

How many times have you found yourself hands full of groceries, multiple kids in tow, fumbling for the keys in the pouring rain? Hands full and poor weather won’t be a problem with one button automatic doors and that power tailgate. This is a major game changer for every parent.

So it turns out my brother was right: the Sienna is dope.  I’m pleasantly surprised! Never say never. #vanmom 🚐 ☺️

To test drive the 2017 Toyota Sienna, visit Destination Toyota in Burnaby, BC or check out their website.







Disclaimer: This review was written in partnership with Destination Toyota. All opinions are my own.

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