DIY | Easy New Year’s Eve Party Prep for Under $100

Hosting a party at home is economical and a fun! We got snowed in last New Year’s and could not make our plans (neither could our neighbours!). We had an impromptu wine night while all kids played and watched a movie! It was perfect way to ring in the New Year. So invite your friends, family and neighbours over and let the kids run amuck until they all pass out on top of one another.

Here’s how I prepped for a party for under $100:


  • Candles $10. Adds to the ambience and feels oh-so cozy!
  • Noisemakers $5. An NYE essential! I bought a couple packages at the neighbourhood dollarstore and they were such a hit with the Littles!


  • Party Hats + Necklaces $5. Dress the part. These don’t cost very much when purchased at the dollar store but have huge impact. Try your hand at making your own hats with this tutorial.
  • Banner $0. I once found a chalkboard banner that was also eraseable! I have now used it on multiple occasions from baby showers, bridal showers and birthdays. I will most likely use that or make my own with ribbon, clothespins and printing out the numbers, “2018”.
  • Selfie Props $6. These can be found almost anywhere nowadays and they are so fun to have on hand! Usually made of paper cutouts attached to a wooden dowel, these will take selfies to the next level. There are also some printable ones online. Budget tip: you can also just dig up festive pieces in your closet or kids dress up trunk.
  • Food $70. Fruit and veggie tray, chips, premade appetizers, holiday cookies, a charcuterie. A charcuterie is another party essential I tend to lean on. It is very simple to put together and requires NO cooking (phew!). I usually pick a selection of hard and soft cheeses, cured meats (prosciutto, ham, salami), olives, bread sticks, antipasto and sometimes a bundle of grapes. Arrange everything on a platter and voila! Don’t forget to leave a couple of appetizer forks and cheese knives for easier retrieval for your guests.

Last one: Booze + Ice. I did not include this in the party prep budget because not everyone drinks and let’s face it: I can’t host a party without a good variety of booze. But I did shop efficiently: Wine, mulled wine, cider, beer, liquor along with a selection of garnishes (cinnamon sticks, limes and lemons). Stick to $9-$12 bottles of wine (my favourite is Black Cellar). Accent your beverage station with some holiday bling like this pretty gold garland.



I’d love to learn your money saving tips when hosting a party; comment below!

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