Movement | Lower + Upper + Core Strength Routine #WOTD



Here’s your #WOTD!

3 circuits
3 rounds

1st Circuit: Pick ONE exercise from each category: LE, UE, C (total of 3 exercises). This will make your circuit.
Do this circuit 3x.
2nd Circuit: Then choose 3 other exercises. Do this circuit 3x.
3rd Circuit: Complete the remaining 3 exercises from each category. This is your final circuit. Do this 3x.

Movement | Lower + Upper + Core Strength Routine


  1. Single leg dead lift
  2. Side lunge to balancing leg
  3. Goddess squat jump


  1. Tricep push up
  2. Walking plank / rolling plank on ball
  3. Bent over row + flye, alternating


  1. Plank + crossover
  2. Russian twist
  3. Crunch with extended legs


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Luke Bryan

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Matt Stillwell

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Luke Bryan

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Luke Bryan

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Missy Lancaster

All the Right Problems
Chris Lane

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