8 Healthy Snacks Perfect for Travel

I typically travel a few times per year, with the fam and without. When I’m travelling on my own, I tend to get a good dose of movement in (great hotel friendly workouts here). Nutritionally, however, can be a challenge. I have learned that the key  to staying on track is to have healthy snacks on hand before hunger strikes. But there’s another problem: how do you if they contain only ‘good-for-you’ ingredients? Over the years, I’ve discovered some great and not-so-great ones. I’ve weeded through my experiences and gave my taste buds a run for their money! Here are 8 healthy + yummy snacks I like to keep on hand when travelling.

8 Healthy Snacks Perfect for Travel


Save money!

If you have a tub of protein you love, use it! You don’t need to buy individually packaged protein for travel. I will package one scoop in ziplock baggies or use the baby formula containers like the one below. They are already compartmentalized and perfect for storing protein powders.

Don’t forget post workout fuel!

If you plan on having a few sweat sessions you will most likely be famished afterwards. Bring a few high protein bars for those post workout hunger pangs. The Vega ones are great for replenishing depleted muscles.

Stock up on a variety

To ensure you don’t get bored, look for a variety of different flavours and textures. If you do not particularly enjoy sweets, do not bring 30 chocolate protein bars with you! They most likely will not get eaten and may cause you to make hangry food choices later, sabotaging your healthy efforts. I discovered some great soup cups and salads that contain great ingredients, perfect to satisfy your savoury tastebuds (six)! Just add water. The vegan jerky is J’s favourite! On a recent trip to Iceland, he brought 20 of them and devoured all of them!

Do you have a trick to stay on top of your nutrition while traveling? Share in the comments below. 🙂


9 thoughts on “8 Healthy Snacks Perfect for Travel

    1. They have a great selection, from soups to quinoa salads to oats. They are sold at Whole Foods in the states and online. I’m unsure if they are available at Whole Foods in Canada.


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