DIY | Valentine’s Day Doily Banner

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s than with a pretty, lacy banner across the wall? Our living room has these big, tall windows. The previous owners had installed curtain hooks on either side (used to tie back curtains). We changed out the original curtains since then but never removed the hooks. It was a good move since this is the perfect spot to hang our banners! This cost less than $5 to make and the girls thought it was beautiful draped across our living room window.

TIP: Make this once, pack it away in a box labelled ‘seasonal decor’ and take it out again next year! You can put the rest of your seasonal decorations in the box so that they are all in one place, making them easy to find year after year.

DIY | Valentine’s Day Doily Banner


Heart shaped doilys
Letter stickers (try to find a size that will centre well on the doily) or draw your own lettering
Twine or ribbon


  1. If using stickers, apply onto doily. If not, sketch out the lettering in pencil then trace and fill in using a marker. I spelled out “LOVE”. Some other suggestions are: XOXO, SWEET, SWEETHEART, HEART, VALENTINE, CUPID.
  2. Unwind your string of choice (do not cut just yet) and thread through the holes of the doily. Once you  have strung all of your hearts on, space them out and test the banner out in the spot you plan to hang it. When the banner is placed to your liking, trim the string. In the photo below, I attached the banner using the existing nails that were there to hang picture frames.

Do you like banners to celebrate a special holiday? Where is your go-to spot? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Happy Valentines!



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