Treat Bags for the Kids When I’m Away on a Trip

I have travelled without the girls ever since K was 1. It can be a few days for a weekend bachelorette party or over a week for trip to Europe with my BFFs. They are sort of used to it but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. To help ease the time I am away, I make ‘treat bags’ for them. I saw this on a blog years ago but I can’t remember which one it was. But I’m sure there are many versions of this sort of thing out there. Here’s my version of it.

Disclaimer: I put these together in a rush, hidden in the dim office during our home reno so not everything I bought was shown in the photos. Please excuse the poor quality of these photos. 🙂

Treat Bags When I’m Away On A Trip

All of these are optional. Customize it for your kiddos and what they enjoy unwrapping.

Paper lunch bags
Decorative items to embellish the bags with (I used doilies)
LOL Surprise Dolls
Small candy or chocolate
Fun Headbands


Mark each bag by the number of days you will be away.

Separate items by day and place into bags. Seal so that it will be a surprise. You can add embellishment or decorate further if you’d like. I used doilies that were leftover from a Valentines DIY. I folded the top of the paper bag, then folded the doily in half and stapled them to the bag. You can also punch holes and tie with a ribbon or yarn.

They get pretty excited when they get to leave Mama! Lol…just kidding. K actually cried when we told her we were going to be away for 5 days. Then Livie started to cry because she saw her sister upset.

All ready to go to grandma and grandpa’s!

2 thoughts on “Treat Bags for the Kids When I’m Away on a Trip

    1. Aw I’m so glad you found it useful! Your trip is going to be amazing! Have so much fun and I can’t wait to see your posts. 🙂


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