What Getting My Eyebrows Microbladed Made Me Realize About My Teenage Years


Everyone has their reasons for getting their eyebrows microbladed. Whether it be creating shapely brows, or cutting time from your morning make up routine, hair loss or anything, whatever your reason for choosing semi-permanent tattoo, it should be yours and yours only.

I am not going to talk about what the process is like because, quite honestly, there are probably thousands of blog posts out there outlining it. What I do want to address is my decision process.

Micoblading is semi-permanent tattoo. It fades over time but it won’t completely disappear. When I saw the gorgeous strokes and shape of beautifully microbladed brows, I knew I wanted them. J wasn’t a fan though: “what if they f*$k it up?” My excitement was shot down instantly. He didn’t like the idea of them so I shouldn’t get them done, right? I completely respect him and his opinions but sometimes, I shrank back to my teenage years.

I wasn’t a terribly rebellious teen but occasionally, I chose to do things I wasn’t supposed to (pretty typical). Anytime my mom disapproved of something, I pretty much walked away with my head between my legs, in sadness. In shame.

This was how I felt when J reacted to me wanting to get my eyebrows microbladed. In an attempt to change his mind, I showed him photos but he was still not convinced. So I left it.

However, a few months later, I won a giveaway! Mixed emotions came over me. Should I or shouldn’t I?

I made an appointment at Avenue 42, in Langley. I knew in my heart, it was okay to do this. But I felt guilty for ‘not listening’, like the time I stayed out later than I was supposed to because my mom wasn’t home and thus, wouldn’t find out anyway.

I looked through their portfolio and the brows were beautifully done. I knew I was in good hands.

The night before the appointment

The night before, I told J that I was going to get my brows done. Before he could respond, I said something I hadn’t planned on saying.

“I know what you think so you don’t need to say it again. This is my body and I’ve made my choice.”

Something came over me and it just came out. He simply smiled, gave me a warm squeeze and said, “I know.” Pause. “Make sure they use clean tools!” Haha – that made me laugh.

  • I make the decisions regarding my body
  • I can be respectful of others’ opinions but it does not have to take away something I want
  • The way I react to responses needs to change to avoid reverting back to my teenage self

Post touch up session with Mandi from Avenue 42.



Most recent photo.

Do certain things trigger you to revert back to your teenage or childhood self?

Huge thank you to Mandi and Avenue 42 for my beautiful brows and for such a lovely experience that gave me the opportunity to learn more about myself.

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