Avoiding the Kid Fight with Herbaland: I Give My Kids Candy

Kids’ eating habits are insane. Some days they eat all the broccoli and others it’s just cheese and crackers. Liv used to be an awesome eater – she ate anything and everything in sight – but in the last year or so, she has become more selective. I hope this is just a phase and she will go back to her old ways of trying everything but for the time being, I’m giving her candy.

Hello Herbaland Gummies. These are vitamins that look and taste like gummy candy! Not only are they yummy, they are packed with everything that is good for you and nothing that is not. These made with all natural, non GMO, low GI, gluten-free and CGMP certified ingredients, with some vegan options as well.

It’s so hard to ensure kids are getting their nutrition so we supplement with vitamins. I have to admit, I often forget to give it to them (I blame it on the working mom brain!) and they expire. But the huge thing is this: sometimes the vitamins out there just aren’t kid-friendly and then it’s a fight get them to take them. First, someone throws a punch, and occasionally, there’ll be bruises and maybe some tears. Haha, kidding. In all seriousness though, I worry they aren’t getting the nutrition their growing bodies need.

I haven’t had to remember to give them to my Littles – the gummies are so delish that they look forward to taking them each day! And there is no longer a fight to ensure they are getting their nutrition. Now, this is a MOM WIN.

These are also handy to throw in their lunch boxes on one of those, “I have 2 minutes to make your lunch” days. (No shame – I have plenty of those days!)

A huge bonus is that J is now on the multi gummy bandwagon – which is great because he needs it now that he is in his 40’s.

For me, I really like the convenience of having the protein gummies on hand. Sometimes I run some errands after the gym (which can quickly turn into an hour or two) and I need to refuel. I keep these in my bag for those kinds of moments. Each pouch contains 10g of protein, which is more than an egg! These are also suitable for kids. (Mine tried these – one loved them but one did not.)

If you are in the Vancouver area, Herbaland will have a booth at the Healthy Family Expo this weekend! Drop by their booth to try out their protein gummies and multivitamins.

How do you ensure your kiddos are getting the nutrition they need? Do they fight you on taking their vitamins like mine did before we discovered Herbaland?

I was given these products to try out. All of the opinions in this post are my own and as reported by my family.

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