DIY | Fun Cake Topper

These photo cake toppers were a huge hit at the baby shower I planned for my brother and sister-in-law! They are simple and takes only minutes to put together. Their use isn’t limited to cakes, they can be placed in jars, with a bouquet of flowers, or even in with the cutlery!

Print a copy of your favourite photo and cut away!

DIY | Fun Cake Topper

Photo of your choice. Funny expressions are the best!
Skinny dowel or skewer or chopstick

  1. Carefully cut out the face and/body of the person in the photo.
  2. Attach to top of the skewer with tape.

For more party planning tips, watch my VLOG:

What are you best tips for planning a party or a shower on your own? Leave me your tips below!

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