Building Strong Children & Teens | Online Course + Promo Code

This is Kaitlyn, my first babe.

She is caring, creative, quiet and very tidy. She is often the one behind the camera, taking photos for my Instagram and the blog. She refuses to let us watch her soccer games and insists that she dislikes singing (even when she is caught belting out Adele songs at 7am). When she feels she is in a safe space, she reveals the other side of her that is expressive, vulnerable and fierce. She laughs freely. She laughs loudly. When she prepares herself breakfast, she’ll also ask her sister if she is hungry too. She has a maternal instinct. She catches Livie making a not so great decision and she will gently remind her (sometimes not so gently). Lately, she will even attempt to clarify any wrongdoings with fear streaked across her eyes. I love it when she shows this side. She doesn’t do it often and I struggle with that. I have trouble reading her when she is quiet. As she reaches her tween years, I worry that the possibility of connecting with her will be even harder.

Building Strong Children & Teens COURSE CREATOR and TEDx SPEAKER: RANBIR PUAR

I started following TEDx speaker, Ranbir Puar (@freewithin) a little while ago because I was attracted to her words of wisdom especially when it comes to building strong children. Her IG feed is full of motivational quotes and she is constantly inspiring me to reach deeper to find my inner strength and loving myself.

I recently started taking her course, ‘Building Strong Children & Teens’. The course is helping me guide K through her struggles with fear, anxiety and self doubt. I’m preparing for those teen years now so I can be there for my kid. I want her to feel comfortable in all spaces and to teach her that feeling uncomfortable is also okay. She should be able to express herself when she needs to, confidently. And if she needs help, I want to be equipped with all the right tools to support her.

For more information on this course, click here. Use code ‘REGLOK’ to save 10% on the course. ❤

Does raising teens scare you? What are your thoughts on parenting children who experience anxiety and confidence issues?

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