My Girls Got Me Off My Butt and Over My Fear + VLOG



This past Family Day, we decided to take advantage of the free family ice skating offered at the local recreation centre. If you’re a parent with young kids, you will understand how much work a family outing can be, so it better be worth it. And it ended up being more rewarding than I had imagined.

This was our process:

  • J recommends leaving 30 minutes early to avoid line ups.
  • Pack our gear, if you own any. K was the only one with her own pair is skates (hand-me-downs). If not then…
  • Rent, which can be costly but at this particular facility, they also offered free rentals for Family day (score!).
  • Dress appropriately. Then compromise and re-dress kids since mine are picky.
  • Take 15 minutes to search for the right jacket and footwear. Then realize there is no such thing.
  • Remind them 3 times to grab their mitts, scarves and socks before leaving the house. Then re-remind then in the car.
  • Drive peacefully to the rink. Not.
  • Cross my fingers the line up isn’t that long, as J’s advice to leave early went out the window along with their patience.

When we arrived, the line up was long but we managed to keep enjoyable by watching the Olympics on the tV and running around. It went by somewhat fast and we got our skates on. In all honesty, I wasn’t planning on stepping onto the ice. I haven’t skated in years and I’m not that great when I do skate! (Ie: bruised butt!) I stood outside the rink (as per usual) and then K asked, “Mama, aren’t you going to skate?”

As uncomfortable and reluctant as I was, I knew I shouldn’t say no. So I asked her: “Can I skate with you?”

She gave me an enthusiastic, “yes!” and we both grabbed a skate assist thing (what do you call those things?) and off we went. K is my timid girl. We started off slow – just like how I like to do it – and picked up speed if both of us wanted to. I could see she was getting more comfortable so I asked her if she wanted to try skating without the assist and she nodded. Not knowing how steady I would be, I took over the assist by myself. K was doing rounds in no time but I could still see some of her hesitation.

She was so strong and brave for letting go of the assist and skating on her own. I was so proud for her. I wanted to feel that too. I looked down and pushed the skate assist to the side. I asked K to hold my hand and we both skated together.

I had SO much fun!

Round and around. We chased Liv and giggled at Daddy’s attempts to perform a triple axel.

When it was time to clear the ice, I didn’t want to get off.

It felt so good to let go of this fear I had towards skating or anything else for that matter. K inspired me to be brave more than anything this Family Day and I want to ingrain that in me forever.

Six years ago, I had a canvas print made of a photo I took on a run on my 30th birthday. I have it on the wall of the staircase and each time I go upstairs and downstairs, I think of how magical my surprise 30th birthday was. I spent the morning doing something I love and spending it with my girls. And in the evening was overwhelmingly wonderful to be surrounded by all my closest friends. Oh, and ice cream cake. I still remember every detail.


Though it might sound silly, getting over my skating hump is a huge deal to me. If I K hadn’t asked me to join her, I would probably continue sitting on the bleachers, watching them from afar. I am thinking of getting a canvas print commemorating this moment, like my 30th birthday photo. Everytime I walk past it, it will remind me to always try even when I don’t feel comfortable.

If you would like to pick up a canvas print for yourself or someone you love, my favourite place to order from is Canvas Pop.

What is something you admire in your child?


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