Leading Moms: Self Care and 3 Reasons Why You Need To Be There

Leading Moms is BAAACK!

Put on by the folks behind Vancouver Mom, it is coined as a ‘spa’ for the mind. And it really is! I wrote about why last year’s theme was so relatable to me here.

What I took from Leading Moms last year

Last year was my first time attending and I had the must awe-inspiring day. I sat in the large theatre room, not knowing what to expect other than the fact that I was surrounded by a group of incredible women with amazing stories and experiences. It turned out that several of the speakers’ stories resonated with me so much. So much that I cried and I’m not a crier. I came out of the day feeling refreshed and alright.

By alright, I mean all right. I felt good. My bucket was filled with the good stuff. Guilt, regrets, shame melted away. Everyone there was like me; our struggles were similar. I was able to connect and grab hold of amazing life lessons from real people. It made me feel like everything I had done in motherhood thus far has been alright.

Spending the day out also allowed me to re-connect with those who I don’t get to see often. And also a chance to meet people IRL who I’ve only connected with on social media.

What is SELF CARE?

This year’s theme is self care. What exactly does this mean? Let’s start with the basics: getting a haircut, treating yourself to a mani-pedi, enjoying a glass of wine. To me, self care encompasses more than taking time out for myself. Self care is honouring how I am feeling during a particular time. I’ve had a long day with clients, I come home solo-parenting, the dishwasher needs to be unloaded still. Everyone is hungry. So I do this for myself: I order in or I stop by a drive-thru. This removes the added stress of making dinner. This is taking care of myself and accepting that I can’t do it all. This is what I do for myself so I can spend more time with my kids, my hubby and the rest of the chores that didn’t get done.

Self care is also removing myself from negative energy. You know those friendships that have weakened over the years? For some reason or another (which I won’t get into), we just haven’t gotten back to where we used to be. If I feel like crap when I’m around you, then I need to be proactive to honour my emotions. There is nothing wrong with pulling back from negative energy. It isn’t my vibe so I choose to pull back and that is OKAY. That is my self care.

You’ve seen it. The quotes all over Instagram that basically tell you that the messes can wait and you should go play with your kids. Well, in my house, they don’t wait. I can’t. When my house is tidy, my mind functions so much better. Are you like that too? Cleaning up is self care. Decluttering is self care. Sure, I let things go from time to time, but that will eventually catch up with me in the form of stress and anxiety. I think I can do without those two so I’d rather clean. And I’ll make it a game, so the kids are more inclined to help. Who am I kidding? I ain’t that creative. Haha!

3 Reasons why you need to be at Leading Moms 2018
  1. Mom’s Night Out. This year, Leading Moms event will be in a different format. They are making it a Mom’s Night Out evening event! Woot woot. That means wine, nibbles, laughs & some (okay, maybe a lot) of crying will be involved.
  2. Self care can also be your love language. (If you’re not sure what your love language is, take this quiz.) Mine is quality time. I love spending time with people I love. Having a glass of wine with a friend, a conversation with another mom while the kids have a playdate, catching up with family – all make my heart swell and feel extra loved. Connecting with friends I haven’t seen in a while as well as getting the opportunity to meet others – that is what I love about Leading Moms.
  3. You’re over dinner and drinks. It is time to try something different. Learn something new and connect with other moms. You may discover something you didn’t know about yourself. Take a night off from your mom duties because more than likely, you are overworked, and needing something more. Leading Moms is the place to fill your bucket.
Promo Code + BONUS $50 GC

Use LM2018REG for $5 off your ticket. And if you hurry, early bird tickets also receive a BONUS $50 gift card to SKOAH! (Cue Oprah cheer here.)

Leading Moms


Genesa Greening
President & CEO, BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre Foundation

Dr. Lori Brotto
Executive Director, Women’s Health REsearch Institute at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre

Amy Beeman
Radio Personality + Producer

Have you attended Leading Moms (or a similar event) before?

Hope to see some of you there!

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