A Professional Organizer Came to My House! Five Tips From the Pro of Staying Organized


Disclaimer: This post was written because of the profound effect that Stay Organized by Rosely had on my family and I. As always, all opinions are completely my own.


You guys, I thought I was fairly organized person so when Rosely, a professional organizer, offered to organize my home, I didn’t expect to learn so much and see such a difference.

I chose to reorganize the pantry. It’s a high traffic space and although it is somewhat organized, it was always so messy! (It is embarrassing when guests take a peek!) The pantry was organized in zones: noodles and pasta, snacks, breakfast, etc. More often than not though, things were never put back in its spot. Or rather, it was put back in a ‘similar’ zone, not the correct zone. I had labels but some had peeled off. But in all honesty, my system wasn’t working and I failed to see that, which ended up causing more chaos than necessary.

Thanks to Rosely, she turned my crazy pantry into a usable space again that is no longer a messy dumping ground of stuff.

Ready to check out the change?



Scroll through the photos below:

I love my pantry now. No more embarrassment!

  • Empty your space
  • Declutter and purgethings you no longer need or use
  • Group and categorize like items
  • Label

Rosely started by pulling everything single thing out of the pantry. I had four opened bags of chocolate chips! Coconut from I don’t even remember when! Snacks were hidden under other things and I also found at least 5 protein bars when I thought I was out!

  • Place most used items in areas of high accessibility.
  • Clear floor space so that the inner shelves can be accessed easily.
  • Place kids’ snacks on a shelf that kids can reach.

After everything was labeled, Rosely organized it so that everything was accessible and it’s location made sense to me and how our family functions. This is where the magic happens. It is all about functionality because if a space is not functioning well, chaos ensues.

  1. If you have multiple open bags of one item, put them together in one baggie so that they don’t get lost or separated and can be used up.
  2. Label at the end after categorizing everything.
  3. Use baskets properly to group like items (use two more baskets if necessary!). Place bulky items at the bottom of the basket and smaller ones on top.
  4. Use a lazy susan (turntable) for things like sauces, oils and vinegars.
  5. You don’t need to buy new containers to reorganize. If you have mismatched Tupperware or food containers without lids, use those. Some things don’t need baskets. You can reuse the box it came in. Simply cut the lid and flaps of snack boxes for easier access and cleaner look.

To contact Rosely, check out her Facebook page: Stay Organized by Rosely.

What’s one area of your home you would love professional help with organizing?


This post was originally published April 16, 2018.

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