4 Pieces to Make You Feel Your Best During Your Workout


We all know that when we feel good on the inside, we look good on the outside. Our confidence is higher, the way we carry our bodies is straighter and we wear that smile all over our faces.

However, sometimes jumping back into movement or starting a new routine can make us feel a little less confident. But stylish, comfortable athletic wear can make the experience a lot more enjoyable, potentially boosting our confidence while doing those burpees and overhead squats, making us fall in love with movement.

Caring about what you wear to the gym does not negate the astronomical step you are taking towards health.

What I am trying to say is this: well-fitted clothing can make all the difference in how you feel during your workout, thereby warranting it an ‘okay‘ one from an ‘phenomenal‘ one. There’s no shame in wanting to look good while also getting healthy. If dressing this way makes me feel more comfortable in my skin, why not?

When we feel good, we adhere to it and that is the key to being consistent with your workouts.


GREAT FOR: waistband that digs in, too restrictive, muffin top

Go for something that is high waisted and moves with you. Choose a good quality fabric that wicks away moisture but won’t turn sheer when you are rocking those deadlifts.


  • good quality fabric (do a couple squats in the changing room to ensure there is no sheerness)
  • high waistband that sits at your belly button or just above
  • hem to the right length for a clean, tailored fit. (My fave length 7/8 hits just above the ankle which is super flattering!)
  • details, pattern and texture make it more visually interesting

Style tip: Pair a high waisted legging with a cropped tee or tank and highlight your midsection no matter what size you are. You are gorgeous!

Old Navy

Old Navy


GREAT FOR: not looking like a slob to run errands after gym

Sometimes you just don’t have time for a shower or a change of clothes – time is precious! And you don’t always have to look like you came from the gym. Ditch that hoodie!


  • Has some structure
  • Trendy details like moto style
  • Can be easily washed from sweaty workouts

Old Navy Sherpa MotoDenim Jacket

Old Navy



GREAT FOR: preventing bouncing boobs and uniboobs

Support your boobs! Prevent back pain, misalignment with a well fitted bra. It also creates a smooth canvas, disguising bumps. The worst thing about putting on a sports bra is the dreaded uniboob. Good bras are out there, give each one a good try to find the one that fits your body well.


  • if you are bigger chested, choose one that has a supportive band and back closure
  • reserve the shelf bras for yoga or activities that are low impactLululemonLululemon


GREAT FOR: revealing tops, tops that are too fitted around the mid section, accentuating your midsection

I do not like my tops fitted when I’m working out. I prefer to not be restrictive so this is something I keep in mind a lot when shopping. Though I don’t have a large chest, I do not like my boobs bouncing around so I also look for tops that have higher neck coverage. High neck coverage also prevents accidental scrapes when you are in the zone.


  • find a longer top to cover your bum but can also be knotted when you feel it is too restrictive
  • open back for more movement and air flow for those extra intense workouts
  • higher neck coverage to protect the skin
  • longer in the back for bum coverage


Lamboo Tie Top

Under Armour Muscle Tank




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