Baking With Livie: Mixing Chocolate and Veggies (The Secret Ingredient!)


Livie and I baked today!

Now this is probably NBD as a lot of moms bake with their littles. I am not one for cleaning so I try my best not to make a mess. But where more than 2 ingredients and measuring are involved PLUS littles with not the best coordination, that’s just a huge mess waiting to happen. 🤣 But I’ve been getting better at letting go (and not freaking out) of the mess in order to help my girls learn how to bake and how to apply math to real life.

Last weekend we made a Cocoa Banana Loaf and it was DIVINE. Today? Well, it also had cocoa in it…..and something GREEN.

Hope you enjoy:

Do you regularly hide veggies in your baked goods?

Recipe was found here: Double Chocolate Loaf


2 thoughts on “Baking With Livie: Mixing Chocolate and Veggies (The Secret Ingredient!)

  1. I felt like the recipe was missing a little something but overall pretty good! Oooh I’ll have to look into that beet chocolate cake – I love beets – but my girls don’t! Thanks for sharing Laura!


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