Quick + Fun Workout with Me, Liv and Lamby That You Can Do Anywhere

Liv, Lamby and I were waiting for K to finish her piano lesson and since it was such a nice day (we like to take advantage of non-rainy days here in Vancouver), we decided to put together a quick workout and have fun!

This workout was designed to be short, long, easy and hard. You choose your intensity. Slow it down if you want to go easy. Or add a jump in there if you want more. Kids will also have fun with it so try it with them. Or since it doesn’t require any equipment, you can do it anywhere while you are waiting for them to finish their lessons or school.

Enjoy. 😊

2 thoughts on “Quick + Fun Workout with Me, Liv and Lamby That You Can Do Anywhere

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to enter this giveaway for cultus. Myself and my family and children have never been so this is a wonderful opportunity.

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