DIY Halloween Family Costume: Mystic Vs Evil – What goes with a Vampire and a Unicorn?

One year, our family (ie: kids) couldn’t decide on an unanimous theme for our costumes and it was very sad. I was ready to say goodbye to our family dressing up forever until K came up with this:


K wanted to be a unicorn which basically meant that she just wanted to wear her comfy onsie forever. Liv wanted to be an [evil] vampire. J and I didn’t really care what we dressed up as so we brainstormed a couple of complimentary costumes; I was going to be a rainbow and J was Livie’s pet bat. (Note: pet bat.)


The costumes were fairly quick and simple to put together; it took about a few hours for each costume. Here’s how I did it:



I went to Michaels to grab some felt in the colours of the rainbow plus some white too make the cloud.

Then I began cutting out a shape for my rainbow:


I folded a scrap piece of paper in half and then made a mountain shape so that when I opened it up, it would be a semi-circle or half a sphere. This will be our template for the arch of the rainbow.

I had to do this a few times so don’t be alarmed if you do too (my math/engineering skills aren’t that great, lol.). The first cut out you use will be the guide to the rest of your rainbow colours. Using a bigger piece of scrap paper, I put lined up the first cutout on the fold and measured out 1″ all the way around the curve of the cut out. Then I connected the dots to create the exact same shape only bigger. Since the red felt is the first one that all the other colours will be attached to, ensure your piece of red felt is big enough.

Then I pinned the paper templates on the felt and cut out the colours according to ROY G. BIV which stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (purplish blue, which I skipped), violet. It should look like this:

I glued it altogether using a glue gun – it dries so fast! (I’m a lazy crafter and hate waiting)

Then I sketched out a cloud shape on the white felt. This does’t have to be perfect.


Next, I needed to find a way to attach it to my clothing. I thought of pins but thought it might be too much of a hassle. I found a red ribbon that matched the red felt perfectly so I glued that on.

I put on some black denim and a black long sleeve tee and voila, I’m a RAINBOW!



This basically took me about 20 mins. Not my best work, but hey, it was quick and didn’t cost me a thing.

You will need some safety pins, a black hoodie and some black fabric (which I already had).

I cut out the fabric in the shape of bat wings: pointy, arched points on the bottom. I trimmed it so it would fit right into the armpit of the hoodie. It’s not perrrrrfect but perfectly cut fabric can’t be seen when it’s being worn anyway. 🙂 Repeat with the second wing.

Using the safety pins, I pinned it onto the hoodie.

And that’s pretty much it. I took it up a notch by adding some felt ears onto the hood.


Wasn’t that easy?

My idea of crafting and DIY is quick, simple and cheap! And I feel this fits all the requirements. If you give it a try, be sure to comment or message me the photos of your creation!


For more family costume ideas, check out this post: 10 EASY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.


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