10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

Halloween is actually one of my favourite holidays (is it actually a holiday? What the heck do I call it?). It is a time to get dressed up, be playful + creative and relive the childhood years! And of course, eating all kinds of delicious sweets is right up there. But I have realized that there is yet another reason for why it is my favourite.

Before I became a mama, I was a DIYer. I loved it. It saved me money to do things myself and it acted as a creative outlet for me. I love envisioning things and then seeing it come to life. However, post mamahood, the time to do all of that drastically decreased and I had to be extremely picky on what I could spend the little free time I had.


I started making costumes. And not just for the girls, but for the entire family. Matching costumes are so much fun to put together! I also love the challenge of looking for something that is wallet friendly – there is just no way I am spending hundreds of dollars on something we will only wear for a day or two. Some years, I purchased a costume or two but I never spend more than $60. The DIY portion took me between a few hours to a couple days to put together – not long at all!

Here is what we did in the past (click to enlarge photo):

2009: Farmer + The Insects

This year, I dressed up in a farmer (slash cowgirl) outfit and J and K dressed up as insects! J was a bumblebee and K was a ladybug. I wish I could find the pic of us! Will post it when I do.

K’s ladybug: I bought the ladybug costume ( forgot where – it’s been too long!). It was essentially a red tutu with black pompoms glued on it and a headband antennae.

J’s bumblebee costume: I bought a yellow tee from Value Village and hot glued black ribbon across the front and back for the bumble bee! I also used pipecleaners and attached them onto a black headband.


K’s costume: I used a bodysuit from her dance class and purchased some bulk ribbon to go on as a belt.

For J and I: I just used our clothes from our closet and ‘vintaged’ them up a bit. We already had headbands for all of us.

2011: SUSHI

This was a fun one. I had seen sushi costumes for sale but they were expensive! I decided to make my own out of some $1 store felt and a couple of old onesies (ie. stained) we had laying around.

For J and I: I picked up a couple of black tees from Value Village. For ‘Kikkoman’, I printed the font off the computer, cut them out and then traced them onto yellow felt and hot glue gunned it altogether.

K’s Ebi: old onesie. I loosely drew out the ebi pattern on paper then cut it out and then traced it onto the felt. It took a few tries to perfect the ebi shape and grass but I was happy with how it turned out. I didn’t forget the wasabi and ginger! I used pink and green felt and glued it onto a black elastic headband that would be hidden in their dark hair. Maybe in Liv’s case, I should’ve gone with a skin colored band. #baldbaby

Liv: You will see below that Liv had a last minute costume change. I thought two ebi was too much so last minute, I made Liv a different nigiri costume. I found textured maroon felt at Michaels ($3) and made it into a pillow. Wrapped a strip of black felt around the pillow and onesie and, voila, tuna nigiri!


This was one of my favourite family costumes of all times. Liv fell asleep on the way to the mall for trick-or-treating so she looks a bit dazed in a couple photos, hence the deer-in-headlights expression. I pretty much dressed her while she was asleep. We can’t go trick-or-treating without our Grandma! (Poor girl.)

My lumberjack: Shirt is from my brother’s closet, cargos were mine, beard was made from brown felt from the $1 store. I tied some string on it so it would be secured around my head when I wore it.

J’s wolf: Top and bottom in black (his own closet) and I made the wolf ears using a headband, glue gun and grey felt. Black nose was done with eyeliner. (J thought he looked like a pussy cat, which was not what he was going for – LOL!!)

K’s Red Riding Hood: Value Village, about $20.

Liv’s grandma: We were gifted the gingham dress and the cardigan belonged to Kate. We purchased the wig from Value Village for around $12. The giant pearl necklace were from our dress up collection.


My Tin Man: I purchased two oven liners from the $ store and glued a red heart made of construction paper on it. I used a glue gun to attach ribbon on the top underside of the liners so they would sit on my shoulders. I made a hat from construction paper and covered it with foil and added some string to keep it from falling off.

J’s Scarecrow: Plaid shirt was from his closet. I used an old hula skirt from the girls’ dress up box and stuffed it around his neck. I also found some dried grass from some of our Fall decor and slid some in the sleeves.

K’s Dorothy: Value Village, about $20.

Liv’s Lion: Old Navy, $8 on sale.

2014: FROZEN

This was the year of FROZEN. There were SO many Anna and Elsas that year, it was so difficult to keep track of Kate and Liv!

Kate and Liv: I believe one dress was a gift and J purchased the other one from Target, about $30. I bought wigs for both as well, about $15 each.

My Olaf: I made a no-sew tutu from some leftover tulle I bought from Michaels. I cut three circles for buttons from black felt I already had and glue gunned it on. I made a cone nose from paper and covered it in orange felt. I attached an elastic that I had from my mom’s sewing box. The hair was simply black pipe cleaners (from the $ store), which I attached to a black headband.

J’s Sven: Brown sweater and bottoms were from his closet. I found brown reindeer antlers from the $ store and attached a plastic play food carrot onto a rope.


Another one in my top favourites: The Hello Kitty Family!

K’s Hello Kitty: Dress was found at Value Village, about $8. I cut out flower and buttons from felt and glue gunned them on. Ears were from Value Village, about $7. Tights and shoes from her closet. Gloves from $1 store.

Liv’s Mimi: Dress was found at Value Village, about $6. I cut out flower and buttons from felt and glue gunned them on. Ears were from Value Village, about $7. Tights and shoes from her closet. Gloves from $1 store.

My HK Mom: Dress was from a previous costume (I am so glad I held onto that!). I made the ears from stiffened white felt and sewed the hat and bow onto a headband. Gloves were from $ store.

J’s HK Dad: Top and bottom were from his closet. I made the ears from stiffened white felt and sewed it onto a headband. For the bow, I drew a bow shape on paper and traced it out of red felt. I attached elastic from my mom’s sewing box using glue gun. You can also sew it but glue gun is much faster. I made the bow from Gloves were from $ store.


2016: BAKERY

K and L’s: Cookie and cupcake costumes were purchased from Winners, about $30 each.

J’s donut: I cut out a donut shape from cardboard and wrapped dough colored fabric ($7) around it. I then stuffed it with stuffing (old plastic bags will do!). Then I cut out icing shape out of pink felt and glue gunned it on ($5). I used leftover felt as sprinkles and glue gunned them to the icing.

My Chef: I took some parchment paper and made an accordian fold with it. Then I stapled one end of it on a strip of white paper (more detailed instructions here). I drew the letters for ‘CHEF’ on paper then traced them onto black felt. I then attached it to the hat with glue stick. I had the rolling pin and apron.

2017: Alice In Wonderland

Update: Find the DIY for 2017 here. 🙂


We can’t decide what to do for our costumes this year! K wants to be food. Liv wants to be a vampire – she told me the other day that I am her pet bat (alrighty then). Hope we can decide soon!

What are you plans for costumes this Halloween? Leave me a comment below!

Originally published Sept 29, 2017.

15 thoughts on “10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for the Whole Family

    1. Aw, thanks Husna ❤ I can be last minute too – hence the store bought costumes! Lol. The DIY portion is usually quick and whatever takes me 'long', I will just purchase!

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  1. Hey Reg! You are so creative and I just love seeing what you guys come up with every year. Rachael saw the sushi costume and had her heart set on being sushi this year! I’m going to try my best haha. I am wondering, is anything sewn with the ebi costumes? Or is it all done with hot glue? Thank you!!

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    1. Hi Jenn! Thanks for visiting 🙂 So happy Rachael found her costume! Nothing was sewn, I only used glue gun and fabric glue as needed. I wish I had a better photo for you but since you’re a creative person, I have no doubt it’ll turn out spectacularly. Can’t wait to see the photos!


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