See Santa & Give Back this Holiday Season with Metropolis at MET

It’s SANTA season!

Ok, it’s not really an actual season, but one of my favourite things to do during the holidays is getting that iconic photo with Santa. I love looking back at them and seeing how the girls have grown over the years. It’s really special and something I did growing up as well. Although, Kaitlyn is more reluctant to see Santa this year (tweens!), Liv still loves it as much as I do!

Last year we…errr, I had such a hectic time trying to get everything done before Christmas and this year, I’m going to plan muuuuuuch better.

We headed to Metropolis at MET to see Santa and discover all the ways to make the holidays less chaotic. There are many reasons to love Metropolis at MET but if there’s any way to minimize my hot-mess-mom tendencies, these are it!




One major reason to chose Metrotown is Santa photos are by donation! All donations go to the Burnaby Christmas Bureau to help families celebrate the holidays. Giving back to those in need is important to me and I want to instil that in the girls as much as as I can. I have learned that the best way to do that is to lead by example. Coming to Metropolis to see Santa combines two tasks in one visit!

Recommended minimum donation is $4 and a digital photo lands right in your inbox!

Santa arrived at 11am that day so we got there about 30 minutes beforehand. Our wait in line was really no wait at all! Getting there early helped. But if you do arrive during peak times, there are plenty of activities to keep the kids occupied in line.

Arriving early gave us a chance to admire Santa’s Castle and snap a few photos of the magical decor.

I highly recommend getting photos done before the December rush.

Check the Metropolis app for Santa hours or find them here.

And don’t forget to pick up your activity sheet and Santa Letter template on your way out!


Another way to give back is by having your presents gift wrapped!  Services are by donation and proceeds go to Burnaby Neighbourhood House and MS Society. This also saves me time and it’s one less thing to do!

Gift wrap booths are located in front of The Disney Store (Ground Level) and in front of Plenty (Upper Level). Available November 29 – December 24.



Gift cards are my go-to for Christmas presents – they’re quick + easy, no wrapping, no gift receipts, throw in some holiday chocolate if the recipient is extra special. 🙂 I love grabbing a few GCs for teachers and instructors, as well as my own children!  They really enjoy shopping and picking out items for themselves. 🙂

Metropolis Gift Cards can be used at 22 other Ivanhoe Cambridge locations across Canada as well (see guest services for details). Available at Guest Services, online and at holiday gift card kiosks. Funds never expire.

Such a cute design, isn’t it?



Download the app and take advantage of some exclusive deals and promotions.



You know when you are looking for a specific store, you stop and check the map. But seconds later you quickly realize you don’t know how to read the darn thing! Or is that just me? LOL.

Rather than walking over to Guest Services, I can TEXT THEM! Yes, you read that right, I text them for directions and I’m able to find the store in no time! Major timesaver (and great for preventing headaches, lol)!

Keep this number in your favourites: 604-359-9111. You’ll thank me later.



YAY! The MET gang were obviously thinking of us last-minute-forgetful-shoppers when they decided to implement this! Grab something last minute for the party you forgot about.

Holiday hours start December 1 and go until December 24. Find them here.






These are the reasons why we choose Metropolis at Metrotown to get it all done at: one-stop to shop, give back and pay a visit to St. Nick! This holiday season is going to be easy breezy and I’ll be lounging on the couch with a hot toddy and Hallmark movie in no time. 🙂


This post was written in partnership with Metropolis at Metrotown.

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