Kettlebell Flow to bring back flow and fluidity


I’ve been lifting heavier recently and it feels so great to get stronger. But my body has also been feeling less ‘connected’. I know I needed some multi joint movements (4+ joints) and more rotations to bring back flow and fluidity.

Yoga is great for this and so are @vanfitnessinmotion kettlebell flows!

Here’s one of my fave movement of hers. My body feels like a single unit after doing one of her flows. I remember when I first tried the one in the video – I couldn’t even get up from the low lunge position. 😂

I’m still working on it a few months later but the stretch and strength feels so good my body craves it! If you aren’t already following her, check her out on IG 👉🏼 @vanfitnessinmotion

GYM: @stevenashfitnessclubs


See it on instagram here.

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