Fireplace Refresh

Time for another #RLVrefresh!⁣

Full disclosure: this was saved in my drafts since Feb 2018. 🙈 Something kept me from publishing but today I said “WTH! It has been sitting there long enough!” The snow lit up my living room SO beautifully! I couldn’t resist taking a few shots, which I added to the post.⁣

We painted our home 🏡 two years ago and ran into a dilemma with our fireplace: it was ugly. J made a suggestion and something pretty came out of it.


Here’s how it all came together:

When we painted our house white (White Dove by Benjamin Moore), I knew we had to reface the fireplace but J said, “later” which pretty much means, “never.” Oh well, guess I’ll just have to live with it for awhile.

This is what the fireplace originally looked like.


This is what it looked like after our painter painted the mantle and the walls surrounding fireplace.




Then J came up with the idea to paint out the grey tile.

Whoa, what.

I’m not sure about this – even our painter was hesitant. There’s absolutely no going back after a drop of paint touches the tile. But I thought I’d give it a try. I mean, it can’t look worse than this can it?

This is what happened:

2018 (Current photos below.)


I AM SO GLAD we painted the tile! I love how it looks.

It has been 2 years since painting and the paint has held up incredibly well. There is no chipping or peeling. Here’s how it looks now:

fireplace makeover

fireplace makeover2

DIY | Fireplace Makeover

  • Tape off the fireplace insert and anywhere you do not plan on painting (see photo).

  • Use heat proof primer (as recommended by our painter) on the entire face of the fireplace. Allow to dry fully.
  • Apply your paint colour over your primer and repeat if necessary to ensure even coverage. Allow to dry fully in between coats.

And that’s it!

What do you think of painting out the fireplace tile or brick? Would you do it?

3 thoughts on “Fireplace Refresh

  1. Looks great! You are giving me ideas for our fireplace… amazing how the light colours brighten and make the space seem bigger!


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