Pretty Soap Dispenser Labels with the Cricut

I was itching to make another project on my Cricut but was stumped! One day, I was making labels with my label maker for my storage room on IG Stories and my sis in law suggested I use my Cricut.


It would look so pretty. But I was a little nervous as I’m still not ‘fluent’ with Design Space. To be totally honest, I have been putting off projects because it seems difficult to use. But I told myself the more I play around with it, the more comfortable I’d be. So I decided to get started!

I’ve been meaning to make labels for my kitchen soap dispensers (dish soap and hand soap) for a long time (guests always ask which one is which!). This is what it used to look like:

soap dispenser before


And now:


diy soap labels cricut


The project is simple and great for beginners. If you made the ornaments I shared here, you’ll have no problems with this project.


Materials are also available on my Amazon Store:


I recommend giving the video a watch if you are new to this as it is more informative and visual.


1/ Find a font you like. I have a Pinterest board with fonts. This is the font I used.

2/ Upload to Design Space and spell out for the labels.

3/ Arrange on mat on the computer.

4/ Attach vinyl to mat and load into Cricut.

5/ Click MAKE IT on Design Space and follow the prompts to start cutting.

6/ Weed out the negative space.

7/ Attach transfer tape to vinyl. Peel off with the vinyl.

8/ Line up and centre onto soap dispenser. Peel back transfer tape.

Watch the video for more tips!


7 thoughts on “Pretty Soap Dispenser Labels with the Cricut

  1. Thank you so much for sharing exactly how you did this. I am new to this and to have someone show exactly how to do it and share the font is VERY much appreciated.

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    1. Hi Barb! Welcome to the cricut community! I’m so glad you found it helpful. I know I was quite lost when I first started so I’m happy this post helped. Have fun! And thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂


  2. Did you have to seal the vinyl at all? I’m looking to do something similar with shampoo and conditioner bottles but I can’t find any reviews or testimonies about using 651 or premium permanent vinyl on items that are constantly exposed to water. I’m thinking about maybe adding the dishwasher safe mod podge?? Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    1. Hi there. I used the permanent vinyl. It has held up really nicely. No peeling. It’s not exposed to a direct water source. For shampoo bottles, it might be different. If it were me, I’d try it WITHOUT the modge podge first, as it might change the finish/sheen of the bottle.


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