Pop of Colour in a Neutral Kitchen

Neutral. White. Plain. Also: boring.

That’s my house, y’all. LOL. I used to love colour but the last couple years, I’ve been gravitating towards whites and neutrals badly. But I discovered this rug and something about it intrigued me.

I’ve had this sitting in my cart for close to a year. It’s quite graphic and not typically something I would choose but it called to me. 🙌🏼 Graphic rugs can be overwhelming!

The colours were bold yet blended so well that it also comes off as soft. I also love the pattern. It reminds me of Turkish rugs or a vintage rug (at an affordable price!).

When I was ready to purchase, it was out of stock and I was basically like this 👉🏼 😭 until it came back in stock. That’s when I knew I truly liked it. I finally checked out during a sale and I am so happy with it!⁣ 😍⁣

So tell me, what do you think of my NEW KITCHEN RUNNER?💥⁣⁣
Check out what was there before.⁣⁣

This pop of colour and graphic pattern was a great addition to my neutral kitchen. I think I’m ready to branch out and incorporate more COLOUR!⁣ 🌈 ⁣


If adding more colour seems scary, try starting with this:

  • find something with soft colours and less contrast
  • incorporate accents of the same colours as the rug in the room to tie everything together. For example, a pale pink vase or some navy blue tea towels would tie in the rug well.
  • don’t spend a lot of money on a rug in case you change your mind. Wait for sales like I did!
  • if at first you don’t like it, give yourself time to get used to it. Change can be hard sometimes.
  • if you still aren’t feeling it, try moving it to another area of your home. It might work better somewhere else.


Get this rug here:



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