The Upside of this Pandemic

Being quarantined is not idea and for the first 7 days, I was angry. Angry that our government isn’t being more proactive. Angry that there are people in our community who aren’t taking this more seriously. It is like in school when one bad kid ruins it for the entire class!

The second week, my mind began to seek more calm. So during my 12th day of my self-quarantine, I started to list in my head of things I have learned from this experience so far. It looks like I’ve learned more than I did in the past 5 years!⁣⁣

If you have been struggling with staying at home, managing stress – try this! I’d love to hear if it helps.

Here are 8 things that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me so far:⁣⁣

1. I have no problem sleeping for 10+ hours straight. 😆⁣⁣

2. I’m social but I really value time by myself.⁣⁣

3. I don’t hang out with my girls enough.

4. I really like my job.⁣⁣

5. J is extremely patient with me. ⁣⁣

6. I get anxious easily but I push it off to the side.⁣⁣

7. The outdoors feels good.⁣⁣

8. I don’t enjoy cooking as much I thought.⁣⁣


Now it’s your turn – share something you learned recently in the comments. 👇🏼


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