I made this a few weeks ago. 🌈😊⁣⁣
Woke up that day with an urge to create. It started with: whipped matcha – which was a total fail,
then made a successful whipped coffee,
followed by boxed cake mix cookies,
and then this rainbow.⁣

The girls have been busy creating too. (Catch it all on Stories.)⁣

The rainbow was simple to make but it does take some time – about 1.5 hours for me – lots of tweaking. When I made a second one, it only took me 20 minutes! Check out the video:

I didn’t have the exact materials but I searched the house and found similar enough items. This ended up costing $0 to make! 🙌🏼 It’s not perfect but I kinda like it like that.

I encourage you to use what you have around the house but if you are missing materials, I have linked some on my Amazon Favourites under DIY.

Cotton rope


Glue gun

Glue sticks


Try it and let know what you think! It’s super cute to hang anywhere to remind you of light and sunshine.

Do you get urges to create too? What have you made recently?⁣⁣

diy boho rainbow home decor

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