One way you can support #BlackLivesMatter and fight racial injustice: Sign Petitions

I’m not on the front lines protesting but I still want to support the fight in some way. One way is to sign petitions! It only takes a minute! It took me 6 minutes to complete all of the ones in the list below.

If you want to support, I’ll share the links below.

#SurreyStandUp Dismantle Anti Black Racism

Breonna Taylor

Update: June 11, 2020. Louisville Metro Council unanimously voted to ban No Knock Warrants!

Regis Korchinski-Paquet

George Floyd

Ahmaud Arbery

Tony McDade

Joao Pedro

Tamir Rice

More info over on Black Lives Matter.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not donate to CHANGE.ORG. is under the White House and they don’t mean anything under the Trump Administration. (They did under the Obama Administration.)

If there’s any links you’d like me to add, leave me a comment below or email me:

Both images in this post are created by: @blessthemessy

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