New Season, New Room: My Favourite Way to Instantly Spruce Up a Room

Summer has arrived!

Every time a new season rolls around, I’m itching for a refresh. Heck, I’m always up for one even when it’s mid-season! LOL. In all seriousness, changing things up brings on new feelings, like a fresh start and things like that always seem to cheer me up. An easy way (and my favourite) to instantly spruce up any room are: new pillow (or cushion) covers!

Living room feeling boring? Try adding a pop of colour with a couple of throw pillows. Patio furniture often needs sprucing up each year. I like to pick up a few covers and voila – it feels like a brand new patio set.

TIP: I always opt for covers over a cover + pillow insert because it’s a lot easier to store 20 covers than to store 20 pillows! Can you imagine how fast the house would be taken over?

Here are some design tips I’ve learned over the years:

  • Use different sizes and shapes.
  • Try a long rectangular pillow in the middle of a 3-seat couch.
  • Try grouping a round pillow with two square ones.
  • Use a larger insert in a cover so create full, well-shaped pillows. For ex. for a 18”x18” cover, I would opt for 20”x20” pillow insert.
  • Add pillows with texture!
  • Pillow colors should not compete with the rug colour if you have a rug
  • Keep grouping to 2-3 colours to create the best cohesion.

Here’s a round up of my favourite pillows for summer.

Or shop directly on

Texture, texture, texture

My favourite kind of throw pillow by far. Texture keeps things visually interesting but still mix and match-able. If you love sticking with neutral colours as much as me, you’ll want to incorporate textured pillows. It creates more dimension stimulating the eye.

For a Pop of Colour

Neutral Colours

Other Shapes

Changing up shapes and sizes keeps things interesting. I love a good juxtaposition of a round pillow against a group of square ones.

Whats your favourite way to spruce up a room?

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