DIY Frame for Canvas Art for under $20

I made a frame for my DIY canvas art on a Friday and my DMs blew up over the entire weekend! There’s not much to it but I’m laying it all out today!

I have a large wall in my kitchen that was screaming for some decor. I did not want something too busy as my kitchen is usually a mess and a busy wall would only make it seem messier and who wants that? LOL. I decided to attempt DIY art. It has gone through a few ‘revisions’ but here is the original landscape painting I created:

diy canvas art 1

A couple months later, I painted over it with this:

diy canvas art 2

Pretty plain right?

I needed it to be more neutral because the landscape I had originally brought out green tones in my wall (ick!). This was much better but it’s…..BLAND. It needed something something and that something was a FRAME.

diy canvas art 3

See what a difference a simple frame makes? Take a look at it on the wall.

diy canvas art 11

This took me no time at all to create! And it cost me around $20. Quick, easy and budget is my kind of DIY.

diy canvas art 13 pinterest


  • 1″ moulding (or anything the same depth as your canvas), OR go with a large sheet of pine and cut them down the depth of your canvas)
  • tiny (pretty) nails and hammer
  • stain of your choice. I used MinWax in Special Walnut.
  • rag/cloth


  1. Measure your canvas. The top of my canvas was 36″. The sides were 24″. The depth is 1″.
  2. Plan out your frame measurements. To keep it simple, the 2 side pieces are going to be the same length as the canvas. The top and bottom pieces will be just a bit longer to cover the ends of the side pieces. When it is all assembled, it should create a 90 degree corner. The wood moulding I used was 1/4″ thick so to accommodate for that I extended the top and bottom pieces by 1/2″.
diy canvas 5
DIY frame 4

3. I asked an associate at the store to make the cuts. Double checked before I left to ensure it matched up.

4. I stained it! Super easy. I didn’t use a wood conditioner but it would make the result a lot more event. I didn’t mind it though. It gave it a more natural/rustic touch. Allow stain to dry. I am super impatient so I didn’t wait. I also didn’t go heavy on the stain so it wasn’t that wet.

5. Nail them directly onto the canvas wood! I used some pretty gold nails that made it look like it was a decorative part of the frame.

diy canvas art 9

6. Enjoy your masterpiece!

diy canvas art 12

If you make this, let me know how it turns out!

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