Pupaccino & Barista – DIY $6 Dog Halloween Costume

Kids are officially retired from dressing up with me (cue ugly cry). But Lulu isn’t! 🙂 K had an idea to dress her up as a Pupaccino and so I went searching for a dog costume (because I’m lazy). Came up with nothing that was inexpensive and had quick shipping date. So I DIY’d it. Here’s what I did:


Embroidery hoop large enough to go over your doggo’s head comfortably but not so big that doggo will trip when walking. Lulu is 19lbs and I used an 8″ embroidery hoop.

White posterboard or cardstock

Green cardstock 8.5×10″

Glue gun and glue stick

Green foam sheet

Green apron

Cricut and iron-on vinyl (optional)



If using Cricut, search “Starbucks logo SVG” and import into Cricut Design Space. Then direct machine to cut onto cardstock.

If not using Cricut, search Starbucks logo and then copy/trace/sketch it out onto green cardstock. Then cut.

Wrap the white poster board around the embroidery hoop to ensure it is long enough but not surround the entire hoop as you will want space for doggo’s legs. Trim excess paper. Do not glue to hoop yet.

Using the excess poster board, glue a strip approximately 1/3″ wide to the tip to form the ‘lip’ of the cup.

Then attach logo onto white poster board using glue stick. Center it lengthwise and position it about 1/3 from the top. (See image above.)

Using the glue gun, carefully dot 2-3″ of glue on the hoop and then line up the poster board and hold down firmly until glue is cool. Repeat in increments of 1-2″ all the way around. Be careful of creases in the poster board. You now have your cup!

Roll up the green foam sheet and secure with glue gun. Then attach to the cup.

Barista Apron:

If using Cricut, use same Starbucks logo file and have the Cricut cut it out. Then iron onto apron.

If not using Cricut, you have several options:

  1. Print out on paper and glue on apron (this is will provide a very temporary hold).
  2. Order an iron-on Etsy and attach.
  3. Create and cut out of fabric/felt and sew on apron.

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