Intro: Book Recommendations + Reviews

Hi, I’m Reg 👋🏼 👩🏻

It looks like you stumbled into my blog via my Bookstagram, Reg’s Reads! I randomly started Reg’s Reads one night because books have recently become an unexplainable addiction. And because when I’m obsessed, I go all in. 😆

Here are some facts about me:

📚 I have a Bachelors in English which required me to read 10+ books per semester. But my job now has nothing to do with books. 😙

📚 I used to always have a book by my bed up until my late 20’s. Then I had babies, focused on my career and all that jazz. I would still read here and there but it eventually went down to about 1 book a year. 😢 

📚I got stuck on a book that I couldn’t finish for over a year but I kept trying anyway. Then one summer (2021), my good friend said to me, “maybe that book isn’t for you”. Well, I’ll be damned. Why didn’t I think of that? That’s what got me back on books!

📚 I really enjoy reading on a KINDLE

📚 I support and appreciate books with diverse and inclusive representation (BIPOC, 2SLGBTQ2IA+) and those that challenge gender biases. 

📚 I’m currently jumping between romcom & contemporary romance fiction (Colleen Hoover, Abby Jimenez, Helen Hoang, Emily Henry).

So excited to be blogging my newly rekindled love of books.

(Reviews may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my blog.)

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