Book Review: Book Lovers by Emily Henry

BOOK LOVERS by Emily Henry

★★★★★ 5/5

There were more layers to this story than a pastry puff. Many times, I found myself pausing and putting the book down for a second to absorb what I just read. It kept getting better and more unexpected. It is utterly hilarious and the romance is absolutely the standard. 

It has:
City girl in a small town trope 
Forced proximity 
Older characters (30+)
Coming of age  
Relatable MC
Struggles with grief and love

Nora and Charlie. My new favourite book couple. Both city folk who work in publishing, are arch nemeses. When Nora’s sister, Libby, suggest they vacation in the small town that was the basis of one of her author’s best selling books, Nora reluctantly agrees. There they keep running into Charlie. 

One of my pet peeves with enemies to lovers trope is that the transition is sometimes too abrupt, too obvious. I didn’t sense that in this book. Nora and Charlie’s love story is pure perfection. The yearning and mutual pining (and slight slow burn) created such an intense chemistry that hard to ignore! 

“Tonight,” I say, “can I just have you, Charlie? Even if it can’t last. Even if we already know how it ends.”

Nora is a very relatable character. She’s a shark for her clients and a worrier for her baby sister. Always someone others can count on. With Charlie, she can just be Nora. 💕

Charlie is such a beautiful MMC. He is brooding and cutthroat like Nora, yet he has a softness to him. My favourite kind of MMC.

“Maybe it’s possible to belong in 100 different ways to 100 different people and places.”

This was as much of a love story between Nora and Charlie as it was between Nora and her sister, Libby. The way Emily Henry presented both was magnificent. Every sister needs to read this. It pulled at my heart strings countless times. One of the times I cried was during an exchange between the sisters. 

I’ve always been a fan of the dialogue between Emily Henry’s characters and I’m pretty certain this is her BEST yet. 

“Blake is sitting at the first table, facing the door with his hands folded like he’s here with Ruth from HR to fire me.” 

I found myself chuckling out loud every other page. The humour is VERY GOOD.
It’s sarcastic.
A dry-wit. 

It goes quick. You might not even notice when it starts to turn into something more and then it hits you. 

You need to read this book. Books about books is my new fave trope. 

Other books by Emily Henry that I loved are Beach Read and People We Meet On Vacation. Both are fantastic beach/summer reads.

Get Beach Read.

Here’s my review for People We Meet On Vacation.

Get the book here.

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