Book Review: Hook Line & Sinker by Tessa Bailey

Review: hook line and sinker tessa bailey

HOOK, LINE & SINKER by Tessa Bailey

★★★★★ 5/5

This is the second book in the Bellinger Sisters series and BookTok famous! I liked this one more than It Happened One Summer. Could Hannah and Fox be any better for one another??

Read if you like:
* Friends to lovers
* Forced proximity
* Small town romance
* Spicy 🌶
* pining, slow buuuuurn
* Fight for connection
* Funny, easy read

Having read about them in the first book of the series, I already knew I’d love Hannah and Fox. They brought out the best in one another and their relationship made butterflies flutter in my stomach. I was hooked til the end. The slow buuuuurn.

✨ “You’re enough on your own.”

What surprised me was the emotional depth. It wasn’t Coho-level-heavy nor full on romcom, but a little in between. It was exactly what I was in the mood for after reading Reminders Of Him. The only thing that started to bug me was the repetitive mention of Fox’s intimacy/insecurity issues. Okay, we get it already. 😆

✨ “Take some time and think. Because the next time you tell me good-bye, I’ll believe you.”

I realized that I love a good fight in romance. The fight to be together even when all the barriers are against them. There are more reasons to be apart than to be together. Yet, it’s still worth fighting for. That gets me to the core. 😭🔥

And, the spice. 🥵 🌶

I’ll be looking into Tessa Bailey’s other books! Have you read this one?


Paperback – Hook, Line And Sinker

E-Book version


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Originally read March 15 2022.

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