Life as a creator and Taylor Swift’s Midnights

Taylor Swift’s Midnights album has been on repeat here all weekend and it has got me feeling some kind of thing. Love how her lyrics illicit such raw and deep emotion. So for a moment I’m going to share a little vulnerability.

For a while now, I’ve been feeling uninspired in this “creator” space, namely IG.

There’s so much to love – the incredible community here has meant a lot to me. Exploring my creativity and different roles – photographer, videographer, marketing/PR, social media management, editor, writer – is something I would’ve never realized had I not delved into this space. Additionally, the lifelong friendships I’ve made and the media events that have provided my family and I with incredible experiences.

With any positives, there are negatives. I’m at a point where I’d rather consume content than create it. I’m also feeling frustrated with how creators need to constantly “beg” to be seen on this platform. Unless it’s a cat reel, IG seems to love those. The endless strategizing is sucking out my love for creating and I’m out of inspiration.

I also hate how this role is seen to outsiders as easy or inferior to other professions. I have learned more transferable skills as a creator than I have in 10 years as a kinesiologist. If I leave my current job as a kinesiologist, I can only ever find another position in the same industry. As a content creator, I can pursue work in photography, videography, marketing/PR, social media management, event planning/hosting and more.

I took on more kinesiology clients to see if maybe I’m ready to “settle down” in a more traditional role but that wasn’t the answer.

Some days I’m ready to leave this space and other days I’m excited to pump out content, having amazing conversations over DM and reuniting with local creators at fun events.

Maybe it’s just a rut. Maybe it’s not.

As always, thank you for reading. ❤️

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