Book Review: Tis The Season For Revenge by Morgan Elizabeth


★★★★ /5

SYNOPSIS: Abbie has devoted her life to Richard for 4 years, changing herself physically internally and it’s still not enough for him to marry her. He breaks up with her and leaves her in the October Long Island cold dressed in a bunny costume. As she cries over him with her best girlfriends, one of them suggests she gets revenge. She happens to swipe right on Richard’s hot lawyer boss, hoping that she will get an invite to the big company holiday party (that Richard has never invited Abbie to) and prove to Richard that he’s the fool for breaking up with her. But then circumstances change and feelings form…..

It has:

Age gap romance

Revenge trope on a jerk ex

Dirty talker MMC, Damien Martinez

Spice 🌶️🌶️🌶️

TW: mentions of parental abandonment/abuse

THOUGHTS: I didn’t know anything about this book prior to reading and I enjoyed it so much! If you’re looking for an adorable, romantic holiday read with some ‘feels’, I recommend this. There was also way more spice than I expected. 🥵 Not complaining lol.

I read afterwards that the FMC was loosely based on Elle from Legally Blonde and I loved it even more. I’m officially a Morgan Elizabeth fan.

2 holiday reads down….a bunch more to go! Going to start Love Light Farms next. What’s your fave holiday read?

★ Would I re-read? Yes. ✅


Paperback – Tis The Season For Revenge (US)

Paperback – Tis The Season For Revenge (CAN)

E-Book version (free on Kindle Unlimited)

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