Let’s go get the viral crescent bag at Uniqlo!

I came across the Baggu crescent bag and became infatuated with it. Unfortunately it’s either sold out here in Canada or it costs too much to ship it here from the US. I was bummed.

Baggu medium crescent bag $65

K then told me that there’s a similar one at Uniqlo for $25! My impatient self ran to the store to get myself (and K) one.

Uniqlo mini round $25
One for me and one for K.

BUT…does it live up to the hype?

My current go-to bag is the Longchamp tote in medium. It holds EVERYTHING and then some. It’s great for work but for day-to-day, it’s too much. I was on the hunt for something more compact that would also hold my essentials plus a water bottle. This bag did not cut it.

Bag fully zipped.

My first outing with this bag was a day trip to Pender Island. Thought this would give me a good feel for how the bag functions.

I packed my things the night before and immediately my 591ml water bottle took up most of the space. It also fit my card wallet, lippies, hand cream, sanitizer & Tums – BUT my phone did not fit and it ended up in my pocket for the day.

Bag unzipped. Doesn’t fit my phone like this.

I had high hopes for this bag since almost every review I saw claimed this small but mighty bag could hold everything. I could forgo the water bottle altogether and die of dehydration (yes, I’m dramatic like that 😆).

The verdict

I’m definitely keeping this bag in my repertoire, not only because I’m too lazy to switch out my bag lol but because it’s super comfortable to wear and I am in love with the colour. K also loves hers.

The BAGGU crescent is bigger by a few inches so I think that might be a better fit for me. The colour selection and price point of the Uniqlo one tho cannot be beat.

Are you a fan of the bag?

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